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Tormented by a series of child abductions, the once picturesque town of Gloomywood finds itself shrouded in suffocating darkness that paralyzes its citizens with fear. After witnessing his own wife’s murder and the abduction of his children, former detective Mr. Smith swears to enforce justice and put an end to this tragedy. But it will not be that simple. Danger looms around every corner, from dubious streets with suspicious residents, to the pack of cigarettes in your pocket, and the betrayal of your own footsteps. Doubt everything in this city full of traps, where death is the only certainty.

From Frédérick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark® and pioneer of survival terror, 2Dark is a dark journey where you must use your sneaky gifts and your courage. Use your cunning to infiltrate the bastions of Gloomywood’s cruelty. Investigate the secrets of the insane psychopaths, seek revenge for the crimes committed and rescue the children.


An electrifying experience with pitiless consequences where only your cunning can guide you.

Infiltrate into six intricate, hand-drawn levels, and rescue the children.

Stay in the shadows and walk carefully.
Light and sound can be your allies or bring about their end.
Supplies are limited.
From flashlight batteries to bullets, each item counts.
Investigate every corner to reveal the sinister secrets behind the abductions, discover new areas and find all the kids.

Children behave like children. If you stop for too long, they become restless and cry, putting you at risk.

Take a break to smoke and save your progress, but beware of noisy coughing attacks and remember that smoking kills yourself.

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French – released – 10 mars 2017, Spanish – released – 10 MAR 2017, Polish – released – 10 marca 2017, Simplified Chinese – released – 2017年3月10日, Brazilian Portuguese – released – 10/mar/2017, Japanese – released – 2017年3月10日, Norwegian – released – 10. mars, 2017, Portuguese – released – 10 Mar, 2017, Traditional Chinese – released – 2017 年 3 月 10 日, Portuguese – released – 10 Mar, 2017, Dutch – released – 10 mrt 2017, Turkish – released – 10 Mar 2017, Swedish – released – 10 mar, 2017, English – released – 10 Mar, 2017, Russian – released – 10 мар. 2017, Korean – released – 2017년 3월 10일, German – released – 10. März 2017, Finnish – released – 10.3.2017, Portuguese – released – 10 Mar, 2017, Italian – released – 10 mar 2017, Danish – released – 10. mar 2017





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