Beat Cop


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New York. More a jungle than a city.
Explore its darker corners and discover its secrets as Jack Kelly, a former detective incriminated as a murderer. In disgrace and forgotten by former colleagues, it is your chance to discover the truth behind all this horrible mess. The fact is that your new boss treats you like crap, your wife is a money-sucking demon and the local mafia wants your head on a platter. You could say things go tricky on your side here in the middle of Brooklyn. Oh, and do not forget to pass the fines. You’re a Beat Cop, after all.

Nonlinear history with multiple endings

Someone incriminated you and nobody gives a damn about it, except you. Do not leave stone on stone in the city and find out who set you up. The deeper you investigate, the more pieces of that puzzle will find – but beware. Some things should never see the light of day.

The essence of the 1980s TV series police

Ever dreamed of being a movie hero? Of course, like all of us. Well now you have the chance. Be more sensual than Sonny Crocket and tougher than Dirty Harry. And if clever answers do not work, you can always appeal to the good old bitch. After all, it’s the 1980s!

The mood for which your mother twists her nose

Be sarcastic. Be grim. Be what you want to be. There are thousands of things in this world that you can laugh about, and even more things you should not – but damn it. Over there


English – released – 30 Mar, 2017





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