The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone (DLC)


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Hearts of Stone

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Secondary quests included in Hearts of Stone

Hearts of Stone secondary quests

  • Enchanting: Start Up Costs

    This quest is available right after checking the board at the Seven Cats Inn, and unlocks the services of the new rune crafter. He’s a fun guy. You’ll need 5,000 gold to complete the first step of this process, mind.

  • Enchanting: Quality has its Price

    Help your new friend acquire the materials he needs to get back in business – and maybe find some extra treasure on the way.

  • Races: Swift as the Western Wind

    The friendly Ofieri merchant by the runecrafter is willing to gamble the best saddle you’ve ever seen.

  • From Ofier’s Distant Shores

    A scavenger hunt offered by the Ofieri merchant near the runecrafter. Best accepted before you start the main quest.

  • Rose on a Red Field

    You’re automatically given this quest after your first meeting with Olgierd. It can be completed fairly quickly so it’s worthwhile doing immediately.

  • A Midnight Clear

    Shani’s romance quest. Available towards the conclusion of Dead Man’s Party if you don’t mess things up too badly.

  • Without a Trace

    Found on message boards near Oxenfurt. A short, uncomplicated quest from a herbalist you’ll have to visit multiple times during Open Sesame. May as well get it started on your first visit, and finish it before your second.

  • The Royal Air Force

    A treasure hunt in an abandoned laboratory. You’ll pass this marker riding between missions; watch for a harpy attack.

  • The Drakenborg Redemption

    A treasure hunt in a cave full of creepy crawlies visited during Enchanting: Quality has its Price.





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